“Jenn has the intuition of a surgeon.” — Nathan Tabor, Assistant Professor of History, Western Michigan University

“I have been very fortunate to work with Jenn at various stages of my writing process. I have found her to be encouraging, perceptive, and incredibly prompt and easy to communicate with. Particularly for anyone making the transition from graduate studies to other contexts where structured feedback on your writing can be harder to come by, the guidance Jenn provides is invaluable. Whether you’re looking for rigorous copy-editing, or a thoughtful reader who will engage with your argument and suggest new avenues for you to explore, I cannot recommend Jenn’s editing services enough.” — Erin Twohig, Associate Professor of French, Georgetown University

“Finding Jenn Solheim is the best thing I have done to maximize my success in academia. I am an assistant professor on the tenure track under a lot of pressure to publish quickly. Jenn has provided excellent guidance for me as I have been working to turn my dissertation into a book. She has also helped me respond to revise-and-resubmit requests from journals and to prepare grant proposals. With Jenn, I get my work out there efficiently and successfully. One reason that Jenn is an ideal editor is that she is also an author who has had plenty of first-hand experience in the world of academic publishing. Her own scholarly monograph was published with a prestigious academic press and her articles have been published in competitive academic journals. Jenn offers adept guidance at every stage of the writing process: developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. She is also great with coaching over the phone and has gotten me out of stuck places many times with wit and kindness. I have already recommended her to several of my close colleagues and they have all been delighted with the results.” — Alisa Perkins, Associate Professor of Comparative Religion (Ph.D. Anthropology), Western Michigan University

“I feel very fortunate to work with Jenn. She is an astute and meticulous reader of academic prose.  Her background as a literary scholar and a writer is invaluable in bringing somewhat stogy academic writing to life. In addition, she is kind, warm and generous and a real pleasure to work with!  Thanks to Jenn’s superb editing skills, the readers for the press where I sent my book manuscript specifically noted that mine was ‘a highly polished draft,’ and that ‘the project is nearly publication-ready.’ I most certainly plan on continuing to work with Jenn before submitting my book manuscript to the press.” — Masha Belenky, Associate Professor of French, George Washington University

“Jenn carries a toolbox of well-honed editorial skills used elegantly by her quick and perceptive intellect. Her impressive academic background is never a distraction but always a strength, and her warm and considerate nature turns the editorial process into a delightful collaborative venture. The article she worked on with me has been accepted for publication at a prestigious journal, and I don’t think I could have done it without Jenn.” — Nancy Cirillo, Professor Emerita, Department of English, University of Illinois—Chicago

“Jenn is a fabulous collaborator when it comes to all things related to writing, from the nitty gritty of diction and prose to the often perplexing and challenging ways to incorporate abstract ideas and academic theory into a piece. Her comments are always thoughtful and generative. I know my work, my thinking, and how my narrative was translated onto the page were better after working with Jenn.” — Kiara M. Vigil, Associate Professor of American Studies, Amherst College; author of Indigenous Intellectuals: Sovereignty, Citizenship, and the American Imagination, 1880-1930 (Cambridge University Press) 

“Jenn is a conscientious reader of others’ work whose feedback can be invaluable.” Andrew Israel Ross, Associate Professor of History, Loyola University Maryland; author of Public City/Public Sex: Homosexuality, Prostitution, and Urban Culture in Nineteenth-Century Paris (Temple University Press)

“Jenn combines critical sophistication with breadth of imagination. She brings to the collaborative process a genuine intellectual generosity that helps others to sharpen their thoughts and strengthen their authorial voices. Having Jenn read my work-in-progress inspired me to greater nuance, clarity, and coherence.”
— Christopher Skeaff, author of Becoming Political: Spinoza’s Vital Republicanism and the Democratic Power of Judgment (University of Chicago Press)


“The depth and breadth of Jenn’s expertise is truly impressive. She has helped me clarify arguments for academic articles, structure poetry collections, and remains a key figure in my fiction writing process. She breaks down unnecessary genre divisions to create expansive possibilities, and she is also a line editing genius. Jenn’s feedback is both inspiring and insightful.” Julie Babcock, author of Autoplay (MG Press), 2019 Glass Lyre Press Kithara Prize Winner in Poetry for Rules for Rearrangement (2020)

“Jenn is a fantastic fiction editor at both the macro and micro levels. She gives insightful feedback on ‘big picture’ aspects like character and structure, as well as line edits that make a sentence sing. Many of my published stories have benefitted from Jenn’s care and attention.” — Danielle LaVaque-Manty, author of the novella The Cello Part, winner of the the 2018 Iron Horse Literary Review Trifecta Prize for Fiction

“Jenn s a personal friend who I’ve repeatedly consulted about my creative writing due to her keen editorial eye. She has provided me with invaluable insights into plot, character development, and pacing, and she also manages, with great tact, to pinpoint areas of weakness while simultaneously taking care to highlight the strengths of the work. Jenn is wonderfully thoughtful, professional, and responsive, and-—in addition to her strong editorial chops—you simply could not ask for someone more personable and kind to whom to entrust your work.” — Amelia Brunskill, novelist, author of Wolf Pack (Little, Brown) and The Window (Penguin Random House)