Reissue of Minim’s Playing the Body, Tour de Vis Records (2001). Remastered by Mike Hagler 2019. Photo by Kim Turner-Smith. Now available on Bandcamp


Dyslexic Records’ reissue of Minim’s “Fine (or Superfine)”/”70 lbs.” with additional bonus track, “Buoy.” Bob Weston remastered the tracks in May 2019. Original 1997 artwork in the scandalous-twee vein by Jay Ryan.

Minim 7_ Cover

Li’l ol’ discography

Warehouse. “Take Me Black Hole.” Escape Plan Foiled. Darenne, 2008.

Lolita Haze (aka Minim). Playing the Body. Tour de Vis Records, 2002.

Minim. “Fine (or Superfine)”/ “70 lbs.” Dyslexic, 1998.

The Smoothies. Pickle. Southern, 1995.

The Smoothies b/w International Hoodwink. “Peak.” Johann’s Face, 1995.

The Smoothies. “Reasonably Happy”/ “Etcetera.” Southern, 1995.

The Smoothies. “Overdose Me”/ “No Aesthetic.” Johann’s Face, 1995.