I sang a few songs at the Fictilicious show at the Hideout on August 4, 2014 — The STUCK Show! — with soulful Josh Siegal of the Opposition Party and The Morphtet Barrelhouse Trio backing me up on piano, and the ever-steady Chad Lind on percussion. Listen to the full show here.


Not represented here is The June Days, an acoustic duo with Chad Lind. We played a few shows in 2006 but never recorded beyond some home demos.

Warehouse. “Take Me Black Hole.” Escape Plan Foiled. Darenne, 2008.

Lolita Haze. Playing the Body. Tour de Vis, 2002. (Out of Print)

Minim. “Fine (or Superfine)”/ “70 lbs.” Dyslexic, 1998.

The Smoothies. Pickle. Southern, 1995.

The Smoothies b/w International Hoodwink. “Peak.” Johann’s Face, 1995.

The Smoothies. “Reasonably Happy”/ “Etcetera.” Southern, 1995.

The Smoothies. “Overdose Me”/ “No Aesthetic.” Johann’s Face, 1995.