Super fun news, Summer 2019 edition:

Dyslexic Records has just reissued Minim’s “Fine (or Superfine)”/”70 lbs.” with an additional bonus track, “Buoy.” Bob Weston remastered the tracks in May 2019. Original artwork in the scandalous-twee vein by Jay Ryan.

Minim 7_ Cover

Excited to make these tunes available to the modern digital world on bandcamp.

Li’l ol’ discography

Warehouse. “Take Me Black Hole.” Escape Plan Foiled. Darenne, 2008.

Lolita Haze. Playing the Body. Tour de Vis Records, 2002.

Minim. “Fine (or Superfine)”/ “70 lbs.” Dyslexic, 1998.

The Smoothies. Pickle. Southern, 1995.

The Smoothies b/w International Hoodwink. “Peak.” Johann’s Face, 1995.

The Smoothies. “Reasonably Happy”/ “Etcetera.” Southern, 1995.

The Smoothies. “Overdose Me”/ “No Aesthetic.” Johann’s Face, 1995.