French 298: Literacy Narratives

Please enjoy my guest post at Inside Higher Ed on the Francophone Literacy Narratives course.

French 298: French Literature, Drama, and/or Film in Translation: Francophone Literacy Narratives

University of Illinois at Chicago

Spring 2014

In this course we will read narratives of transition—in particular, of decolonization and war—from around French-speaking world. In so doing, we will come to understand France’s involvement with these countries and the impact it had on the peoples of these countries. These particular narratives of transition are also literacy narratives: narratives that explore some aspect of reading and writing. Using these narratives for inspiration, we will write our own personal literacy narratives, working with composition and rhetoric to inform our analyses of the Francophone works at hand.

This is a writing-intensive course – there are no exams, but there are writing assignments for each day (blogs, narratives, papers) and a final portfolio to be handed in the last day of class.

Evelyne Accad, author of Poppy From the Massacre, will be on UIC campus with the translator of her novel, Cynthia T. Hahn, in early March. Our class will meet with and talk to them about their work, which will mark the capstone for your first paper.

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