Another Paris: A Novel

Semi-Finalist (Novel Category), William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition

“Another Paris is a novel of self-discovery. By walking backwards into the past of her father’s Paris, narrator Jo Finn creates dramatic roles for herself in the construction of ‘another Paris’ to which she forms a deep and visceral connection. The author’s intimate knowledge of distinctive sights, sounds, smells and interactions of the diverse cityscape along the Métro’s Line 2 sustains narrative interest and brings the reader along for the ride.  The novel is both accessible and unpredictable, as is Paris, known for the regularity of the ‘chance encounter’ and the mystery of its movement, for the way it breathes and cradles its residents.”

—Dr. Cynthia T. Hahn, Professor of French, Lake Forest College; author of Outside-In-Sideout (Finishing Line Press) and CO-INCIDENCES (Editions alfAbarre).